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 Rules of the Insurgo Populus

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Chandra Corvid

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PostSubject: Rules of the Insurgo Populus   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:00 pm

Rules in OOC
1.) When talking out of roleplay, please speak in Group Chat. Do not spam in Group chat though. Or, use },], or ).

2.) Please, keep OOC arguments out of Local, use Whisper or Party. We wish for our members to be as comfortable as they can with family. As well, try to make sure that OOC problems does not affect your roleplay. Though if it does, we understand. If the problem was an argument, please, make the argument happen in roleplay. This will make the roleplay more smooth, and realistic.

3.) If the same couple is playing FeralHeart, and they are both in this pack, and they have a mate other than you on the game. Please do not get upset and bring it into roleplay or the game. It is just roleplay, and most likely means nothing, fore I know. That is just their character that they made's intrests of a being. If you are concernd please speak of this in real life, and not argue in the game. We do not want our fellow members to be stressed.

4.) Please, do not curse. Keep it to a curseing to PG13 level, and bleeped at the most. This language can be offensive, and we wish for our members to be as comfortable as possible.

If one is in a depressing mood, please do not just blurt it out and try to make us feel sorry. We wish for you to feel better, but not spread depression around like a hellfire.

6.) When one is not in the mood for roleplay, that is alright. I get writers block very freakquently so I understand. If one is not in the mood for roleplay, do not tease or whine for them to join in. They do not have to do what they do not wish.

7.) If you wish to have a different character join the pack, do not simply delete the old character please. Stage the death so it will keep the roleplay more smooth, and realistic.

8.) When far away, please do not use Group chat to roleplay, fore the pack does not understand what is going on as they pack member is gone in roleplay. If you 'howl' for help and are close enough, please enter. '(Howling for Help)' in group chat, if too far away though, do not enter this. These are one of the good reasons we stay close to each other.
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Rules of the Insurgo Populus
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