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 Rules of Insurgo Populus

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Chandra Corvid

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PostSubject: Rules of Insurgo Populus   Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:42 pm

Rules in Roleplay
1.) The number one rule of roleplay, is no auto-hit/powerplay/godmodding. If one auto-hits, ect. They will have a warning, second time they will have a warning and be recommended to ask for help of one that is experienced of roleplay, or an Admin. The third time that they are caught, they will have to be taught, or banished. If one wishes to be taught, they must stay out of roleplay scenes for at least three days, and learn. As well illiteracy. If one has too much illiteracy, they shall learn from an experienced member, or Admin. Or be banished.

2.) You must follow Alpha's orders. PERIOD.

If mating, please use Whisper or Party chat. If in a private map you may use Local for some say 'actual roleplay feel'. This is crutial, romantic roleplay must be kept at a PG level in local. This may disturb others if not in a private map or in Whiper or Party. We wish for our members to be as comfortable as they can with family.

4.)Once one is mates with the Alpha, they do not become Alpha Male/Female. They must keep their previouse rank, due to power issues. This is so, so that Alpha's Rules are still Alpha's rules, as well to keep drama at a lower level. If you wish for details, ask.

5.) No being at the age of puplet, or young teen shall go walking alone. An Escort must follow for saftey. This is crutial for the pack's saftey.

When an intruder comes, we do not rush to them and attack. This will cause too much drama, and danger for the pack. We do not want too many enemies. We shall walk up to them, if they mean no harm we let them go, but we still allow Hawkeyes to whatch them (If free camera is needed they are allowed). We only attack if we are provoked by the enemy.

7.) Spars are allowed. Yet they must be in an open area, and they must wait until pups are hidden from spar zones. Before sparring, there as well has to be made sure there are no enemies the area. If an outsider tries to join into what they presume it is a fight, automatically block them, they are uneeded for this event. If Alpha, Beta, Or Delta tries to stop the spar due to too much violence, stop immediatly. Spars are not allowed when PLI, PLII, or PLIII aren't there to supervise.

As well what some call 'showdowns' are allowed. Thus is has to be a good enough reason. Before starting a showdown you must have PLI, PLII, or PLIII's permission. Keep pups hidden from showdown zone, fore we do not wish to traumatize our pups. Until pups are old enough to be trainees, they shall not participate in the whatching of this event. Death is allowed, all depending on how extreme the reason is.

Two shall not mate until the old enough age. Young adult. This age is usually reached around the end of one trainee's training.

Slaves are NOT ALLOWED. PERIOD. We allow experienced members to whatch beings who have gone through trauma, to help them. Usually Peacekeepers are given this job, to give the traumatized being therapy. Thus no slaves. Me and Abraxas(Aslyna) have gone through this quite a while ago. We do not allow slaves. Especially sex slaves, it is sick and wrong and you will be automatically banished. Even if you 'joke' or 'kid' about it! I've gone through helping with this kind of stuff before, and I'm done with it. I could give you a whole post about it but I'd rather not. I will when someone does so.

11.) Please, keep cursing to a PG13 level, or bleeped. Keep cursing amount minimum as possible. This is crutial, we do not wish for our members to be banned.

12.) Carnages are allowed. Each time you Carnage, you will be brang up to a higher rank. Though, you could instead train to be a higher rank. Carnaging is faster, but more painful. Thus the rank you move up to after Carnaging, depends on your literacy.
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Rules of Insurgo Populus
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