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 How to do all things involving your profile.

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PostSubject: How to do all things involving your profile.   Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:48 pm

Well, ya see that long bar of buttons near the main picture. (Home, Calendar, FAQ, Search...etc) Click the one that says Profile.


1) Find where it says ( Username: *) Right next to it there should be a bar with your username in it.
2) Simply delete that username and type in a new one. DONT FORGET TO SAVE or your changes won't be there after.
~ Once your username is changed log in with your changed name.


1)Alright, see where it says (Information, preferences, signature, AVATAR,..etc...) Click Avatar e_e
2)(Next step depends on if you have your picture saved on your computer, or if it is a link) Click browse if it is saved on your computer and continue with the instructions. If it is a link, copy and paste the link to the url bar and skip to number 5.
3)Find your picture and click it
4)Then click open.
5)At the bottom of that small box it should have a button that says "Save"
6)Click it c: Then TA DA yeh got yourself a picture for your profile! Very Happy


1)Alright, see where it says (Information, preferences, signature, Avatar,..etc...) Click Friends&Foes o3o
~To add a friend, type in their username and click Add, the person has to accept or decline the request on their own.
~ Where it says "Requests sent" That is all of the requests you have sent, that have not gotten a response to it.
~Received requests, that is where all of the requests that have been sent to you are. You can either accept them (by clicking the +) or you can decline them. (by clicking the -)
~To add a foe, type in their username and click add.

Yea...This is all I think you would need help with XD If there is anything else just post a reply asking for instructions. I will gladly make one for ya c:
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How to do all things involving your profile.
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